My Story

   I was born in Barcelona in 1983. Growing up I helped my sister during the summer holidays at her little design studio, learning the basis of graphic design, layout, and studio management. When I was 16 years old her studio closed and I decided I wanted to study design and animation. But at that time, for personal circumstances, it was not able, and I worked and taught myself until I was 25, when eventually could get into multimedia studies program. Before completing the course, I had already landed a job in an advertising company, working in the design and video department. This led to me and a group of passionate filmmakers forming a collective called Mister WH. The videos produced by the collective proved to be a great success, competing and placing in a number of international competitions. This exposure led to a grant to study character animation at the Barcelona 3Dschool, where I recently graduated.


  • Tribeca Film Festival // Tribeca Film Festival screening winner in the contest 2014, with interactive Interlude video Ellie Goulding “Dead in the water“ _2014
  • Bronze Award Interactiva // Best corporate website for BIC, Little Bic World (design) GREY _2011
  • Genero.TV // Finalist in several music video contests; Alex Clare, Aimee Allen, Fenech-Soler, and Civil Wars (co-direction) _2011 – 2012
  • National Comic Competition “Ciudad de Elche” // Elche city comic Award, best comic in Catalan _2006

Other Awards (big project teams)

  • Irish Film & Television Academy // Tilly and Friends Best animation show